SupaO2 creates fresher minds

Supa O2 uses a 10 stage water purifying system, including filtration, ultra-violet light and ozone and then a further 10 stages of oxygen production and absorption, including nano technology, electrostatics, gas scrubbing and hydro pneumatic cavitation. Fully automatic, batch production with low running costs.

Healthy body, healthy mind!

Introducing SupaO2 by WaterMed Innovations, the unique,
patented, super-oxygenator revolutionising drinking
water by dissolving and retaining Tiny Little BubblesTM
oxygen in the water.
SupaO2 sterilizes and purifies without chemicals using a
controlled and fully automated management system
that’s simple to operate and easy to maintain. It’s the
affordable value-for-money purifying system that’s ideal
for rural schools.
Free of bacteria and viruses and loaded with oxygen,
you’re guaranteed healthier drinking water on tap.
Take learning to the next level with SupaO2.