Why SupaO²

Why use SupaO² for plant growth

The Supa O2 system is a patented method that improves plant growth by producing ultra-pure, sterilized water with high oxygen content. It uses a process that separates oxygen from air, converts it to ozone, and dissolves it in water to create “super-oxygenated” water. This process is natural, eco-friendly, and cost-effective, and can be used in all forms of farming. The system is fully automated, making water and nutrient management easier. The result is increased plant yields, reduced nutrient demand, disease prevention, and stronger plants in a shorter time, leading to increased revenue and lower costs.

Research has shown that water with a lot of oxygen helps plants grow better. Farmers often try to add more oxygen to their water, but it’s not very effective because most of the bubbles escape quickly and only about 20% of the oxygen actually stays in the water.

The Supa O2 system is a patented solution that uses 8 stages of water purification to remove impurities without removing the nutrients that plants need. The water is then sterilized with ultra-violet and ozone gas to kill any harmful organisms.

The Supa O2 system produces oxygen from the air using a process called PSA, which separates oxygen from nitrogen. This oxygen is then converted into ozone, a form of oxygen that is 13 times more soluble in water. The system uses a ten-stage process to dissolve and keep the oxygen in the water, creating water that is “super-oxygenated” and at saturation point.

This process is natural, eco-friendly, and has low running costs with no consumables required. Using the Supa O2 system can increase plant yields, reduce the need for nutrients, prevent disease, and help plants grow stronger in a shorter time. This can lead to increased revenue and lower costs.

The Supa O2 system is fully automated and uses a batch system, making it easy to manage nutrients and water quality. It can be used in all types of farming, including hydroponic, aquaponic, and soil-based farming.