SupaO2 the South African invention that takes water cleaning to the next level.

Tiny Little Bubbles ™

In a unique process, water is super-oxygenated by dissolving, and retaining, nano bubbles.

Major benefits

Uses of super-oxygenated water

Highly Beneficial & diverse

Cannabis farmers need Supa O2 sterile water to protect crops from disease, fungus, and root rot.

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Supa O2 oxygenated water creates extra crop cycles through quicker growth and reduced costs.

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Water super-saturated with oxygen and without chemicals grows bigger, healthier plants.

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Purifies and sterilizers water using oxygen, without losing all the minerals and micro- nutrients the body needs for good health.

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Supa O2 puts more oxygen into your blood stream which provides more energy and a quicker recovery from exercise.

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