SupaO2 boosts athletic performers

Supa O2 uses a 10 stage water purifying system, including filtration, ultra-violet light and ozone and then a further 10 stages of oxygen production and absorption, including nano technology, electrostatics, gas scrubbing and hydro pneumatic cavitation. Fully automatic, batch production with low running costs.

Why drink SupaO2 water

Supa O2, manufactured by Water Med Innovations, is a patented system that both purifies and sterilizers water, without using chemicals. Super-oxygenated water is free of bacteria, viruses and fungi, but still retains all the valuable minerals and micro-nutrients that would otherwise be lost with reverse osmosis.

The system is fully automated, easy to install and maintain, and is an affordable, value-for money option, for home, office or club.

More oxygen in your body means more energy and quicker recovery!

SupaO2 by WaterMed Innovations is the patented system
that purifies and sterilizes water and then dissolves and
retains Tiny Little BubblesTM of oxygen in it.
For super-oxygenated water that’s free of bacteria and
viruses, but still full of nutrients, install a SupaO2 at your
sports club and gym.
With fully automated management that’s simple to
operate and easy to maintain, it’s the affordable,
value-for-money system that takes everything to the
next level.

Supa O2uses a multi-stage process of filtration, ultraviolet light and ozone gas that produces Tiny Little Bubbles TM of oxygen, that guarantees the purest water possible. It is also available with further advancements to increase the oxygen content, using Nano Bubble technology, electrostatic charging, gas scrubbing and hydro pneumatic cavitation. Take water safety to the next level.